no start

  1. G

    Erratic Idle/No Start when engine warm

    Hey All, I'm new to this forum, been on DriveAccord for a bit, but need more specific help. I have a 2000 V6 Coupe with 300k that's been sitting for a while while I revamped the fuel system (Brake/Fuel Lines, Tank and filler/fuel hoses ect many things). I have this issue we've been...
  2. Aaron98manual

    1998 f23 Manual-ECU help!

    Hi everyone! I have an urgent need to get my 1998 accord running again. About 2 months ago it stalled less than a mile from my home and after I replaced the Distributor rotor it ran great for the next 3 days. Then on my way to work it would not start, and I have tried the Main fuel relay and an...
  3. GERM

    Bit of a S*** pickle. Need advice.

    So... Drove my accord to work, no issues and no symptoms leading up to the no start. Clocked out of work and would not start. I have compression, have spark and crank but no fuel. So i changed the fuel pump today and still wont engage. Relay kicks in ,dash lights up and green key light does not...