Acura Sunroof wind deflector retrofit

Oct 25, 2014
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Clermont, FL
So, i bet this has been done before, but im just documenting it, so the acura tl from 1999-2003 and acura cl 2001-2003 had the same sunroof glass, rails, and motor as in the 6th gen accord, the only difference between the acura and accord ones is that the acuras came with a wind deflector. (The spoiler that typically pops up when sunroof is open on newer cars).
Here is it on my 1999 accord coupe

Steps to do:
1. Get parts, i got mine from a cl from the junkyard, if your wondering how to open the sunroof so you can get to the screws, there is an alan key in the trunk where the tire iron are located, go in the back seat and on the headliner there is a plastic peice with a slot in it, turn the cap and remove it, there is a spot for the alan key to go into so you can open the sunroof with no power.
After it opens the wind deflector should pop up, look in the rails, u should see a metal bracket on each side with one screw each, the wind deflector should be connected to the bracket, un screw it, but just remeber how the assembly goes back including the tension spring.
There are 2 more things that your gonna need, i advise you bring gloves, after you get out the wind deflector there are 2 rubber peices that you need so the wind deflector has enough clerance so the accord sunroof can close properly, should be easy to spot because there is just one black philips screw on each side at the end of the rail. For the gloves, after you get the screw out, the rubber peice is glued into place, a little wiggling and it comes out. The glue is like road tar.
2. Putting it on the accord, its like they built the accord sunroof just with out it, it exaclty the same removal process as the acura. For reinstalling wind deflector is reverse of the acura removal
3. There is no really plus, maybe less drag with air going in the cabin, keeps hats from flying, for me it make my car seem newer lol. Simply mod that everyone gonna think its factory.

Dislcaimer: the accord rubber rubs the top of it but there are no clerance issues, vent mode stillworks fine, not responsible for the icky glue get on you and everywhere.... no really this stuff sucks.
Any questions?
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Feb 8, 2013
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Ive been wanting to do this, Nice Job! Have a pic with it on the accord? (full shot) I didn't know the 03 TL had this, I thought it was 04 and up.