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  1. av6_sm1ke

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    Mar 20, 2007
    Winnipeg, MB, Canada
    Engine / Performance
    CorkSport air intake
    Sprint Booster throttle controller
    Oil catch can

    Suspension / Wheels
    22x10.5 +30 Vossen VFS-2, 285/35/22 Nexen Roadian HP SUV
    Titanium lug nuts
    5mm spacers on the rear wheels

    Few carbon fiber interior trim pieces
    Some LED upgrades
    Sequential LED turn signals in the side mirrors

    Future plans are to lower it once it's paid off. May also look into a tune if options are available at that time.

    I also added a bonus picture of the 08 IS250 AWD I had between the Accord and the CX-9. I traded my 99 Accord V6 in to buy it back in 2012. I sold the IS250 in 2015 and bought the CX-9 brand new in December 2017.

    IMG_20190707_132115.jpg IMG_20190707_132206.jpg 11949839013_5c2cd4cb5a_o.jpg
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    Sep 5, 2008
    Fawking, OH
    The IS looked good, if the 350 or F had come in manual I might have gotten one.

    Mazda is making some really nice looking cars. I just wish they had the performance to match the looks, at least the 6. It came out and I thought it was gorgeous and I kept waiting for them to give it more power but they stuck it with that 185hp/184tq motor for so long. Then Mazda finally announced it was getting the 2.7 (or 2.9?) liter turbo from the CX-9 and I rejoiced and hoped for a manual, but they didn't do that either. No Mazdaspeed variants in sight, sad.

    Anyway your CX-9 looks very nice, such an upscale looking vehicle for that class.

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