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    # Brand & model: Canon 50mm F/1.4


    # How much you paid: $330 / Retail: $399
    # Where it was purchased: Craigslist finding
    # How long have you owned the lens: About 2 days
    # Your Review: Slightly longer than the 50mm F1.8. The aperture of 1.4 makes it seem ridiculously fast. Of course with such a wide aperture, softness comes with it. Although it's less apparent than my 28mm F1.8.

    # Pros: Excellent low-light performance, Very Fast lens. Speed Upgrade of 2 stops compared to the 50mm F1.8. Bokeh is ridiculous.
    # Cons: The question you'd ask yourself is is $300 worth 2 extra stops over the F1.8. The USM motor doesn't feel like it focuses faster than the 1.8 either. Prepare for another review in 6 months.

    Sample image:


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