D4 Light is Out...


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Aug 19, 2020
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Hey Accord Fam!

I am a new member here, and has been told in the past that your website helps people like me to get to the root of the problem and not get this run around at the mechanic shop. So here I am, asking for help for the first time.

I have a 2000 Accord LX, and she’s having a weird day... earlier this morning, when I put her into drive, the D4 light was on and doing it’s job. Parked and went on my business. Came back and started her up to leave. Her D4 light was gone. She started to act funny when I went from P to D4. What was I feeling? From P, R and N, smooth and really don’t feel it shift into gear. But when I went from R to D4, there was a soft shift and a very hard shift, like she literally had a twerk moment! Did it again from going to P and back to D4, same thing, soft shift and then a very hard shift... before coming on here, did my research, most members say it’s a bulb issue. Checked the bulb and the one on D4 wasn’t blown out, was able to test it on other bulb sockets from P - 1. No issues.

Not too long ago, had a safety check on the car before a trip, was told all is well (transmission, fluid, gears solenoids, the whole nine yards). Unless the mechanic shop thinks I was a fool because I’m a girl.

Any ideas may help. The mounts looks fine, can’t hear anything wrong (I’m deaf). Just that feeling it’s the transmission... but what exactly?