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May 14, 2015
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Hey guys

So, would like to say, I've found so much useful stuff on this forum and have had a lot of help from everyone so thanks!

Alright. To the topic at hand.
This morning, I went to go start my car to leave for work, and nothing. Absolutely nothing. No lights, no indicators, there was no nothing when turning the key.

Luckily had a family member's car home and was able to jump it. Even right after hooking up the jumper cables, my car got power and started fine.

Got ready to leave work about 9 hours later. At the end of work, my car was completely dead again like it was in the morning. Got it jumped off no problem. While the cables were still connected, I only took off my negative lead first because I heard that if you take it off and your car dies, it's the alternator. It didn't die.
There was an Advance Auto across the street, so I had them test everything.
(Tried to upload pictures to this thread, but apparently 18kb file sizes are still too big and trying to link from my profile is "invalid")

In short, I was told my alternator is shot and is just draining my battery at the same time.
I went ahead and ordered a new alternator. Saw on here a DIY for an alternator "upgrade" from the 105 amp to a 130amp odyssey alternator and went with that cause why not. Also thought about a Big 3 upgrade.
Any advice or thoughts on this? Just want to hear from more people.

Oh, this is on a '99 V6 coupe.



So, I found out what is really killing my car. The rubber brake stopper that presses the brake light switch magic broke apart after finding random black pieces in the floor board I found out to be a part of it. Noticed when I went to jump my car off not too long ago (it's dark now) and noticed the brake lights were on. Thought it was a shorted fuse. Did a little looking and some research, saw the brake light switch, and tada. Here we are...
I've been planning on doing the alternator upgrade at one point anyway, so why not?
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Sep 2, 2015
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That sounds interesting, im curious if it has any negative effects too... I may try it I'm the near future if It works out well