Difference between 4cyl and 6cyl catalytic conveter

Bao N

Feb 14, 2019
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Orlando Fl

is there really any difference?
Just got a 2000 v6 accord with origins of driving in new york with a completely stock exhaust with welds at each of the flange. I'm looking to get a catback exhaust and replace the catalytic converter at the same time. Every flange is welded except flex pipe to header, which is fine, but it's costly since I have to replace the flex pipe, as well as cat, and catback components.

I'm using parts from ebay, I've used a catback exhaust from there on another v6 accord and it sounded fine, thinking about going with the same plan, just iffy about the cat. The V6 compatible ones are about 30-40 dollars more than the 4cyl ones. The 4 cyl ones have the same o2 sensor spot as the v6 one, however, some are a bit shorter, but I don't see a problem with having the exhaust stay tighter underneath the car. If it's compatible, I'll just go ahead and purchase the 4cyl one, and slap it on the accord. all flanges match up with the 6cyl, I'm just not quite sure why some sellers mark the 4cyl less than the 6cyl one if it's just an inch difference.

Any feedback is welcomed.