Everything you ever wanted to know about N2O, ITT

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    I have been running nitrous on my car for years. I've blown up my fare share of engines as well. Its a blast.lol
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    Apr 10, 2019
    After installing Hondata, all I needed was a $30 nitrous solenoid to get a budget NOS system working. Kind of a hybrid dry shot. The Hondata meters the additional injector fuel and controls the single nitrous solenoid. I am using a 50 hp jet. This is done on both my Hondas. The 50 shot used correctly does not harm the engine at all.

    A 10 lb bottle will go 80-100 0-60 MPH blasts from the on ramp. After 3 months I lost count. Figure about $50 to top off fill. That will last me all summer. I only take the bottle so low, then top off.

    You can even arm it/purge it with the steering wheel radio controls with one of those kits at the car stereo shop.

    In boost I noticed that you get more than the jet is rated. So a 35hp jet gets like 50 whp at 1 bar of boost. A 50 hp jet gets 65 whp at 1 bar. etc. Using very little.
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