F20b swap trans issues


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Jul 29, 2015
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Springfield Missouri
What's up guys. First off is like to apologize if those is posted somewhere but I looked and couldn't find anything similar to my issues.

I just finished up my f20b swap in my 01 accord sedan. I'm having issues with my trans shifting. I do have the automatic version f20b and I did get the correct pcb. It goes in reverse and park no problem, when I put it in gear it goes into first no issues, but when it tries to shift into second or 3rd it has issues and wants to rev to the sky. If I take my foot off the gas, it sometimes shifts as it decelerates. If I manually shift into the gears everything seems fine.

I do have a flashing d4 light. I had no trans issues prior to the swap. I haven't pulled codes yet as I don't have a code reader and won't have access to one until later this week. I don't want to drive it to oreilly or auto zone because it's straight header right now and I don't want to damage anything with the trans trying to limp it there.

This is my first time posting, I apologize if I did something wrong and out of order. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks accord family.

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Dec 25, 2016
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so park , neutral, revers work fine

manual low (D1) works and holds first gear.
when you put it into regular drive( D4 i believe or just D) it stays in first and wants to rev withouht shifting to the next gear?

pull the codes and let me know what happens when you stick it manual 2. dose it start in first and shift into 2nd , or is it permanantly stuck in 2nd?

with the flashing trans code it could cause your trans to just stay in a failsafe mode. not to fimiliar with f20 automatics tbh

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