Head gasket? HELP!

Discussion in 'URGENT - Help Quick!' started by ReaperWoodi, Oct 26, 2017.

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    Jul 20, 2017
    So this morning while driving to work doing approx 60 -7pmph I head a 'pop and then lots of steam appeared. Pulled over right away and open bonnet, noticed that the expansion tank top had popped it's top off and steam bellowing out.
    I waited for it to cool, topped up with water I had in the boot and drove 2 mile to a friends house.

    Upon arrival lots of steam again and car dumped pretty much all it's coolant on the 2 mile drive, there was also a very loud tapping/rattle noise from water ojmp side of engine while engine under load.

    I tried to top up with coolant but it was so hot it spat it straight back out. This is the link to the video of what happened


    There's also a hella lot of white under oil filler cap more like fromage frais than mayo

    So basically my question is ..... this sounds a lot like water pump and head gasket buggered. Am I better of just stripping and scrapping as I have a spare car anyway and only paid £100 for the car 6 months ago?
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    I would fix it. U can do a compression test and see if the head gasket is indeed blown.

    Question is were you checking the coolant temp? Head gaskets usually don't just spontaneously blow. Overheating is sure to blow a seal.
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    Compression test will only tell you if the head gasket is bad between 2 cylinders or one cyclinder has blown out enough if it to lose compression.

    If the coolant passage holes are damaged, leaking coolant into the combustion chamber; or if an oil passage hole is damaged allowing oil into the coolant, a compression test wont tell you anything.

    You need to do a cylinder leakdown test. Or just open it and have a look.

    From what you describe, it sounds like the head gasket is damaged, or the block and/or head is cracked.

    If it got as hot as you say it did, the block and/or head will probably need to be decked, too.

    Just open it and see what you find; it's a $100 car, so you might as well.

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