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Aug 21, 2016
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Ok so most of you guys know I’m heading to Florida in a week. It’s a thousand mile drive and I can’t figure out what’s going on with the car. So for anyone who doesn’t know it’s a cg6 with an f20b and a chipped p28 with iacv disabled. Recently it started hesitating at about 1500 to 2000 rpm. I haven’t had this issue since I did the swap but I’ve had the issue before when I swapped in an h23a1. The fix for that was the iacv. I haven’t had success with that in this case. So here’s what I’ve eliminated:

Plugs are healthy (ngk iridium)
New ngk wires
New O2 sensor
Tps voltage was verified twice (exactly .50 closed and exactly 4.50 wot)
Map voltages check out
Can’t fine a vacuum leak
Only code is intake air temperature sensor but I’ve had that code for months and it never caused a problem
Vtec engages so all the criteria for it to work are functioning
Speedo works
Tach works
Tried two different chips in the ecu
Reset the ecu a few times
FITv blocked off as well as well

So the issue is this. Basically if you try to start off from a stop sign, the car will buck back and forth with increasing intensity until I clutch in and start off at around 2000 rpm which is annoying. If you press on the gas pedal in neutral it revs fine until 1500 and starts acting like when you have hunting idle. The harder I press it the slower the hunting happens until I finally press it hard enough it stumbles to 2000 rpm and then it’s normal. Also the pedal response kind of sucks. When I get off the gas it engine brakes like mad. More than normal. So much to the point where the front end dives forward. Also when I get back on the pedal it chugs a few times and then goes, almost like when you shift way too early.

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