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    Hey All! Hope everything's going well for ya. Lurked for a while and figured I'd finally say what's up. Bought a 2000 Accord Sedan a while back and I absolutely love it. From the ride/how it drives to the aesthetic and looks of it, it's damn nice. Originally bought it solely thinking it'd be just some side car I'd use while I look for something else to work on and instead, I've grown really attached to it. It's been a very pleasant surprise, all in all.

    stock F23a4 with an Injen intake
    Eibach 2" lowering springs
    KYB Struts
    Shift Racing Crank H28 17x7.5 +28 wheels
    205/40R17 tires, I forget what brand off the top of my head

    I'd like to eventually get it touched up and repaint it, and then either build up an F23 on the side to replace the current, or possibly swap an H22 in but as of right now it's my daily so I'm just going for a balance between looks and ride quality/efficiency.

    Anyways, I think that'll do it. Looking forward to chatting and learning more! Have a good one!

    IMG_20200203_090935_487.jpg IMG_20200203_090953_828.jpg IMG_20200203_091051_425.jpg IMG_20200203_091333_519.jpg IMG_20200203_091227_904_1580748843537.png
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    Looks nice, welcome.

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