HVAC(manual) unit will not function; possible broken solder joint fix?

Discussion in 'Accord Tech' started by 001Stunna, Mar 18, 2014.

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    Hello all, sorry for bumping an old thread. But this one is exactly what my issue is.

    I have a 2000 Accord, and my AC control panel has been dead for a while now. I saw this post (and another one I can't find anymore) that suggested soldering a wire between two points..blah blah, basically what this thread is about.

    Anyway, so I tried that and it didn't work initially. I then foolishly bought another one on ebay, and the replacement one was junk. Only 4 of the 5 buttons on top worked (no defrost). And to switch between those buttons I would have to hold down the button for a long time for it to swap.

    And to go from recycled air, to regular air, AC on to AC off, and rear defrost, I would have to also wait a long time for it to switch.

    So I thought I would try soldering the original one again and this time it actually worked. It switches between ALL of the buttons no problem whatsovever.

    I then figured that I would try to solder the "replacement" one the same way, in hopes to eventually sell it and make some money off of it.

    However, it didn't do anything but one button. (the middle button, aimed at the floor). the AC button doesn't work, nor does the recycled or defrost button(s).

    I checked the wire I soldered on for continuity and there was continuity.

    What are some of things I should try?

    Thanks in advance.

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