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    I’m really sorry if this is a noob question I’m just trying to do everything right before I even get started. Im wanting to swap my j30 auto to a j35 auto but someone suggested I just switch to a j32a2 auto. My question here is would o use my j30a1 transmission or which would I have to get? Thank you in advance for the help
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    The bad part about swapping to the 5spd auto that came with the J32 is that it is also known for failure just as your stock 4spd auto is. The later autos are more dependable. But no, you would not use your factory auto with a J32 swap, you need to use whatever transmission was paired with the motor you use. Try using the search function and you will find some info, also Wheeelman did an auto J swap, check that out.

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    The J32A2 and J35A3/A4 have the same bell housing bolt pattern, so a number of trannys will bolt right up. Bell housing pattern changed in 2007.

    ** Keep in mind, mechanically, the drivetrain bolts up and into the car with no modifications. Electrically, that is another thing. I cannot help you there. There are 3 or 4 re-pins required all together for the swap to be 100% ie: reverse lock out on the tranny, water temp gauge and 1 or 2 other things.. I can't remember them.

    You can use a 5 speed auto tranny from a 01-03 Acura but, these have a design flaw with a lack of(?) or poor 2nd gear oil lubrication. Not recommended

    What is recommended is a 5 speed auto from:

    Honda Odyssey, 2002 up to 2006? (the guess/gossip on the Van tranny is they may have a bigger Torque Converter to handle the HP.TQ better)

    Honda Accord, 2003 up to 2006

    Acura TL/TL-s, 2004 to 2006
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    People still want to do that weak J35/Auto swap???

    OP, I jest, did the same swap my my 6GA, used an 02 MDX J35 with an 06 Oddy trans.

    Worked awesome for the time I had it.

    Remember to use the sub harness from your stock trans for the Oddy trans so you don't have to hard wire anything.

    It's a straight swap, you will need the ECU from an 03 Auto CL/TL Type S.

    All the info is out there, continue to do your research. Between here, acurazine, j32a.com and v6performance.net, you should find everything you need to know.

    All the best with your project.

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