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Oct 29, 2014
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Reynoldsburg, Ohio
WHEW, time flies. 2 years have passed since my last post. Busy life I suppose. I ended up replacing the torque converter. That seemed to help a tiny bit. I worked on it here and there, and found quite a few bad connections on the engine wiring harness. So I opted to pull a harness at the junkyard.

I replaced the engine/trans/pcm harness. Again, slight amount of help there. I ended up getting too busy to mess with the car for an extended amount of time. I saved up and bought a house.

I have had some time this weekend to tinker with it while I’m off from work. And I figured “keep it simple STUPID!”. The battery had 2 dead cells, so it must’ve been on the fritz for some time, as I made sure to let the car run at least 1 time each month.

I tossed a good battery in from my daily, and it seemed to shift better, and hasn’t given the harsh downshift to second gear. However, while stopped, and engaging drive or reverse, there is still a delay, then a harsh engagement.

I checked the fluid level. It was about half a quart overfilled, I did add seafoam trans tune at some point during the diagnostic process to help free up any debris possibly stuck in the valve bodies. I deemed the over filled fluid on the seafoam added. After draining about half a quart today, I was able to drive it about 14 miles without any real problems. I of course will have to take it on a longer drive and see if it acts up.

Just figured I would update, as I haven’t got around to it in 2 years.

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