March Madness winner! RedRyder


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Mar 14, 2008
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Birmingham, AL
Congrats to Chris for winning the March Madness contest!

Check out his member's ride thread







Quick list of mods...

6 speed
Magnaflow SS catback
Comptech Headers
18" Work VS-XX
Koni yellows/Ground control
Rotora BBK
OEM lip kit
AIT Carbon fiber roof spoiler

and a quick little interview....

1. Is this your first car?
It is the first car I bought myself.

2. How did you end up with this car?
I always loved the 2dr bodystyle, and when it came time to buy a car it was on my list. I found it on Autotrader and went to see it in person. Called the owner and test drove it with my dad & brother, then bought it shortly after. I originally wanted black but the body was in such good shape.

3. When did you first start modifying cars?
I really didn't get into modding until the Accord, so that would have been 2007. I changed a head unit, muffler, and interior bulbs on my '94 Taurus years before, buuut I don't think that counts.

4. What was your biggest set back/problem while trying to modify your car?
Parts parts parts. Hardly any decent aftermarket support, there is just so much garbage out there for the 6GA as everyone knows. If you want quality parts, it's either expensive or custom.

5. Why do you do it? Why not leave it stock?
I cannot stand the thought of driving a car that looks like everyone else's on the road, a car is way too meaningful to me to not express myself through it. Plus it use to be my dream job to design cars, but after the transportation studios I took in school I learned the industry has a lot of politics and isn't as glamorous as I thought. So modifying the Accord is my way of making a car look the way I want and seeing something I visualize come to life.

6. What other mods do you have planned for the car?
I want to change up the interior if I find the right avenue through which to do so, and I seem to have an itch for new wheels. I'm trying to resist putting much more into the car though, I feel more and more ready all the time for something more refined and with some more performance pedigree.

7. Any other cars you're tinkering with?
My wife's '09 Cobalt LT actually, she is always asking me what we can do to make it look better.

8. What's your favorite thing about your car, specifically? Which money do you feel was your best investment?
The 3.2/6MT. It's the only mod that still brings a smile to my face, and it reminds me on a regular basis that I do really love this thing.

9. Is there anybody you would like to credit or thank for helping you along the way?
This forum and its members, the car would not be what it is today without the people and knowledge here! Rich and Ling at RV6 for making my dream come true and treating me with such hospitality that hellish week. And my wife for encouraging my hobby and putting up with what is otherwise a horrible investment lol.

thanks to all who participated!
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Sep 5, 2008
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Thanks for the comments and support everyone! I’m grateful to be part of this community, and happy to see the car take one of these. :)