New mounts

Rusty Accord

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Feb 27, 2017
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The poly I used to fill wasnt super stiff. It still has a little give. Which I'm fine with. I figured I got a bunch of free polyurethane from a past job and might as well use it.

There isn't any added vibration at idle. But the dang difference is nice.

Before the new mounts I had a one finger difference in wheel gap from front driver to front passenger. After a new mount raised the driver side motor up and inch the gaps are even know. Who knew a sloppy mount would affect the suspension so much.
Thanks for the explanation of why you did it. I wasn't really sure why someone would fill the gaps in new motor mounts is all. But since you had the material, and the time, and you were trying to get more life out of the replacements, it sounds like the thing to do.
I would have never guessed that changing the motor mounts would change the suspension heights, but I guess anything is possible with "old cars".

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