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Jun 18, 2024
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San Bernardino California
I know this is probably quite repetitive but im going to go ahead and post this so I can get direct feed back while searching the forum. Anyway, I was given a honda accord v6 I think it is an LX and it does not run. I think the issue seems to be fuel. I was told it originally was taken to a shop because if a fuel pump issue but they couldnt get it fixed. So they decided to give it to me. Anyway, as of right now this is what I know
-I replaced the main assembly relay because I know those tend to go out. But when I checked the solder points of the old one it did not seem to have any damage or disconnects.
-There were no codes except misfire but I am sure that was due to the fuel system being faulty.
-The fuse for the fuel pump is still unblown and intact.
-The car turns over and runs when the I directly connected a wire routing from the positive battery terminal and spliced it into the power wire for the fuel pump so I do not think the fuel pump is broken either.

Thats all I know for now because I am not a mechanic I am just a student going to school for a job in the medical field so its completely unrelated to cars but I do love working on my own car.
Anyway, I have read on here about someone saying to check all the grounds and such and maybe there might be a problem with the ecu but I am not too sure where I need to start and where each ground is.

Thats pretty much all I know for this car and I want to get it running because I have always wanted to have a j-series car. I hope I can get some help here anything is welcome. Thanks guys!

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