P0135, p1753, p0740


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Jul 8, 2017
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2001 Accord, 2.3, Auto, 350xxx miles

So all the sudden im driving down the road and the "D4" starts flashing, its stuck in 4th. It acted up again (after a few hundred miles) and it triggered the CEL.

I got these 3 codes all at once..P0135, P1753, P0740

P0135 - Oxygen sensor heater circuit malfunction
P1753 - Torque converter clutch solenoid malfunction
P0740 - Transmission Lock-Up Control System Fault

Since they all came on at once Im assuming its a blown fuse. I replaced the oxygen sensor about 1000 miles ago, ill have a look at the wiring.

Any other ideas?


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Mar 5, 2016
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Ontario, Canada
The last two make sense, the torque converter clutch solenoid is part of the transmission lockup control system. That's that last "half-gear" feeling that brings the rpm down a bit on the highway by locking the torque converter and flexplate at the same rpm for highway cruising.

Do you still feel the torque converter locking up on the highway when in 4th gear??? When you clear the codes does it drive normal for a bit before the codes come back or do they come back right away?? Is it still stuck in 4th if you shift it manually?

If I were you, I'd be a lot more concerned with the transmission codes and issues that the o2 sensor.

Did you use an OEM Honda o2 sensor? Were the wires north of the connector pulled on or damaged at all?

You've got some serious mileage on that car; even something other than an automatic 6ga (which had well documented problems) would be hard-pressed to last that long on an original transmission....you can try cleaning the solenoid screens and doing a drain-and-fill, but I wouldn't be surprised if you've just contributed another rock to the dead-6ga-transmission mountain.