Parts to replace at this mileage??


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Jun 8, 2017
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The rationale for changing the filter at the same time as the oil is if your filter plugs up, it will go into bypass mode and then you won't have any filtration at all. I believe some motors when they are cold may operate in bypass mode until the oil thins out enough to be able to flow through the filter, (a diesel at 0 degrees running non synthetic 15/40 for example) but I would not want to be putting miles on the motor like that. To the poster who mentioned black oil at 3k miles, it's likely your pcv system is not functioning. (valve is likely clogged) If your gas motor blackens the oil like a diesel (with aggressive egr programming for nox emissions), something is not right!

I used to know a girl who was making payments on a VW but didn't want to pay to maintain it, and a guy who wanted to sleep with her changed the oil but didn't know how to do the filter (since it wasn't a spin on cartridge) well, the motor was seized about a month later.

To the o.p. 194k on a timing belt, I know what would happen if I took that car for a test drive..snap! That'd be my luck.

i bought it from the dealer at 122k miles. not sure if they changed it then. they were a legit actualy Honda dealer, not a used ghetto dealer.


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Feb 24, 2017
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I change the oil and filter every 5k miles or so on all 3 of my cars. Sometimes if my father has one of them, he will change it if it's at 3500 miles from the last service. He'll also turn the rotors if they're not looking 100% brand new lol. He works at a shop so he does all that for little/no cost. Otherwise, I wouldn't say that kind of interval is needed.

I use Mobil 1 full synth, high mileage oil and have been using Wix filters. I use Quaker State in the camaro. Apparently the Fram Ultra Synthetic filters are the best bang for your buck so I'll probably switch to that next time. Next oil change for Selene is 149k; I'm at 145k now.