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Sep 5, 2005
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Alexandria, VA
Threads that do not follow this format will be automatically deleted. If you don't read this post, and your thread is deleted because you didn't follow the format, too bad. Write it up again.

ONLY ONE THREAD PER MEMBER. Do not make a second thread, ever. The point of this forum is for everyone to have ONE (1) thread that they update as needed.

Title: Username, Year, Coupe/Sedan, Trim model
-Example: Wildman's 2002 Accord Sedan EX

Body: Please break your mods up to the follow categories (if they apply)
-Engine / Performance
-Interior / ICE

If you want to include a paragraph about whatever (future plans or basically anything related to your car) feel free to do so.

Pictures: Put any pictures of your car at the bottom of your modifications.
*** For the sake of 56k users, if you are going to include more than 3 pictures please put a 56k warning in the title. ex: Wildman's 2002 Accord Sedan EX (56k)

Considering the point of this forum is to display your car, you should try and include at least one photo. Forum members can host pictures for free at as well as many other free photo sites out there (photoshack, webshots, etc)

Please limit picture width to no more than 800px.

If you see a thread you like, don't forget to make use of the thread rating function :) to let the owner know you like what they're doing.

Also, if you would like to link to any build threads, please do so in the appropriate modification field (i.e. if you have a turbo build thread, you would say "F23 with t3 turbo build thread here"

Finally, while we don't want anyone flaming people, realize that by posting your car online there will be people with different tastes then you. If someone gives you some criticism, deal with it. The whole point is to discuss each others cars. If you can't handle the possibility that some people won't like your car, don't post it up.

Of course making a new forum I had to make a thread, so if you're still unsure about how to lay it out just look at this thread


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