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The Orange Skittle
Mar 1, 2006
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Nashville, TN
Just an update for you guys...

Doctor X said:
Alright guys, I got my car back. I have some good news and bad news. The bad news is that the spoiler hasn't actually been produced yet, they just made the mold for it basically. The good news is that I saw what it will look like on my car, and it will look damn good! I didn't take any photos since there wasn't really much to show for it other than a fiberglass and plaster mold haha (I think it was fiberglass and plaster?). It looks really nice though.

To my surprise it looks kind of like 98CG__Show's rear window visor, but it doesn't stick out as far, it will fit better, and it will be made of sturdier material.

Also, they'd like for the sedan to come in next week, so you sedan guys are close behind.

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