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Sep 5, 2005
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Alexandria, VA
Posting Guidlines

Welcome to 6thGenAccord! In an effort to make your stay here the best experience possible, we have set a few simple guidelines.

1. Be respectful. No flaming (except in Smack Down & even in Smackdown there are limitations).

2. Your posts should be constructive. Any member posting for the sole purpose of increasing their post count will have the posts deleted and the post count reset to zero.

3. Corrections to other’s information should not be condescending in nature. This is a forum for the exchange of ideas and information. You are expected to remain civil and express your thoughts in a mature manner.

4. Threads are expected to be kept on the original topic. If you want to discuss another subject, feel free to create a new thread in the proper forum.

5. Name your thread with a title that is clear and representative of the thread content. Do not use "New to this" or "PLEASE HELP!!!!!" as thread titles or your thread may be closed or deleted.

6. Posting ****ography (ANYTHING over PG13) is prohibited. Except in the Members Lounge
Password for the members lounge can only be issued if you have:
a) At least 50 posts AND
b) a member for at least 1 month

7. Discussion of illegal activities, including street racing and drugs, is prohibited.

8. Knowingly posting untrue information is prohibited and will result the immediate removal of your account.

9. The 6thGenAccord staff reserves the right to edit or delete any post/thread we deem necessary.

10. If you disagree with the actions of the 6thGenAccord Staff, express your concerns privately. We are always willing to listen, however, public bashing of the team will be deleted and possibly end in your banishment.

11. Signatures sizes & content. Signatures, like everything else, must be work safe. For non-donating members, sigs can be no bigger than 500 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall. For donating members, the size is bumped to 750x150. Please no animated signatures.

12. DO NOT ABUSE THE REPUTATION SYSTEM. Members cannot trade reputation to build theirs up. You cannot leave someone else bad reputation just because you don't like the reputation they gave you, or because you do not like the person.

13. Under no circumstances are you allowed to create multiple accounts.

Remember that the opinions expressed within this forum are not necessarily those of

Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy 6thGenAccord!
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