Sino's 1999 Accord EX Sedan 5MT (56k)

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    Nov 30, 2014
    A few notes on the task of replacing the sunroof drain tubes. It's god awful. Can't imagine any other task this car could have that is anywhere near as frustrating as that was. There's just no room beside the dashboard, especially on the passenger side, to finagle the tube into the grommet, or having removed that, its hole on the firewall. When feeding it down the A pillars, it will inevitably get stuck on the clips from the wiring harnesses, so you have to pop those out. The good news is that while the original drain tubes were a dark amber color, the replacement ones are now clear, so hopefully that means they superseded the failed part with one that won't shrink like the original ones seem to commonly do. There was about an inch difference when I held the two together.

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