Some Observations & Questions from Timing Belt Replacement


Apr 3, 2018
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1. neither fan turned on during the coolant refill stage. Engine on idle for about 45 min [while I was cleaning up and preparing for oil change]. Temp remained just above 1/3

--but, after driving it for several miles, I noticed fans came on very briefly. So, that was a relief

--But, why didn't the fans turn on while idling with full heater?

2. accessory belts squeals for less than 10 seconds upon engine crank. Some say the belts may be loose and needs tightening [e.g. 1/2" deflection]. I reused these belts because they look really good. I don't know [because my elderly mother drives it and all past repairs/maintenance were done at shops under several family members' knowledge] but I think they were replaced about 1 year ago. But, they felt quite adequately tight. I'll probably try tightening them a bit and see

--didn't squeal previously when engine was turned on during coolant refill, before the car was lowered to the ground. Did lowering the car shifted alignment of pulleys causing squeal?

3. I was banging my head about the torque discrepancy of the side engine mount bracket. I was taking toooooo long trying to research for a definitive answer, but found various numbers, which some of you probably would say the difference might be negligible.
--the side bracket has 3 varying length bolts to secure horizontally to the engine
--this side bracket has 1 permanent bolt ["through bolt"???] and a bolt hole

*In the end, I torqued these to 40 ft lbs. I am wondering if the the through bolt should be 47? I think the 47 is for the through-bolt for the front mount [facing radiator]? Wondering what is the definitive answer for a 6th gen 2000 accord f23a4???

Bolts [3 horizontal, mount to engine] .....Through Bolt & Nut [2 vertical bolts, securing to upper mount bracket]

++Chilton [soft cover book]: 40 ft lbs ..... 47 ft lbs
++Chilton online [via libray]: 35 or 40? ..... ?
++Service Manual [p.131/2530]: 35 ..... ?
++Instructions came with parts [Aisin]: ? ..... 47? FAQ: 40 ? 28 Mount-to-chassis bolts
6th Gen FAQ (Read Before Posting) - 6th Gen Accord DIY and Performance Forums

pic of side mount bracket. Hard to find the connecting upper bracket.

*Link to the illustration should work after removing the space before the forward slash and copy&paste it in the url box. I can't post links yet. /ec8m3

4. I was and still am concerned overall whether the oil pan was a solid base as as a support for the engine. Is the aluminum that solid. I would think the pressure create a dent and/or move the gasket mating

I completed the project, but will need to address the above. The project seems simple on paper, but I encountered many small things that lengthened the time by a lot! Was frustrated many times.
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