THE Security System & Remote Start Review Thread

Discussion in 'Product Review Forum' started by JMillerUA6, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Khurrum

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    Oct 1, 2010
    Brand & Product name: Nustart NUAS-8000 Alarm/Starter
    Price & Place: $220 (got it at cost), $499 regular from Best Buy
    Pros: Easy to install, its basically the Compustar brain and antenna, excellent range, dual stage shock sensors, 2 remotes (1-way and 2-way)
    Cons: Price if u have to pay full, remotes are expensive to replace and chunky compared to Viper remotes.
    Final Verdict: As an installer i always recommend Compustar, Nustart products, they have a good harness, reliable/good quality units, have these installed in 4 of my vehicles and they always work flawlessly.
  2. Sil2DrV6

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    Oct 15, 2012
    Brand & Product Name: Compustar Pro Series security system w/ remote start
    Price paid and from where: $800.00 installed at the Compustar-authorized dealer/installer
    ・1 mile communication range
    ・Reception indicator on the remote
    ・No need to push a button to check the status of the vehicle
    ・Super bright LED theft demotivation (more like a mini strobe)
    ・Auto door lock, when RPM reaches a set range
    ・Drone Mobile compatible
    ・Vehicle paging device (a feature** that pages your remote when someone taps at the device) is no longer included, and it's sold seperately.
    ・LCD display back light on the remote can't be turned off
    ・Takes a little while for the engine to start from the 2nd ignition stage. (About 5 sec. slower than my old model.)
    Final verdict: I would recommend this to anyone, especially people who live in cold places. Being able to monitor your car at your fingertips is always nice. I was able to utilize a feature** from my old Compustar, and that was +1.

    Brand & Product Name: IDATALINK BLADE-AL Door Lock Bypass
    Price paid and from where: Sry, Idr..
    Pros: Small enough to fit anywhere
    Cons: None
    Final verdict: A must-have-module with my security system for a 6gen with a factory alarm. Otherwise the factory alarm will be going off, when remote-starting the car from time to time.
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    Jun 18, 2013
    Brand and Product name: KARR Shock Sensor
    Price paid and from where: Came with the car when I bought it but selling online new for about $10.
    Pros: When the car is hit or moved beyond what the sensor is set at, the alarm will go off. Helped me catch many kids that use to hit my car with soccer balls. The unit has a blinking light that is visuible from the cabin to ward off potential thiefs.
    Cons: Will sometimes go off when the trunk if slammed too hard.
    Final verdict: A very useful and inexpensive part that will help you in the fight against soccer balls! :Jedi:

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