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  • PM reply -On the v6 accords our compression ratio is set low and we redline at I think 6500. So since we do not have high reving engines we use 87 octane, unlike my buddy in his 8000 rpm reving prelude who would use 93. We use 87. 87,89, and 93 one is not better gas than the other its made to be different grades for different engines.200 hp @ the crank /145hp @ the wheels stock v6 fully loaded accord
    we lose 27% of our power through the ****ty automatics they put in this car
    I gained back almost 55hp with basic bolt ons and a little tweaking which is incredible for our cars.I run iridium plugs with 87 octane and I can tell a better difference in throttle response than when I ran 87 octane with Honda OEM spark plugsOur v6 accords are made specifically to only use 87 octane, 91 to 93 octane wil cause damage over time our engines.
    I don't have any available first hand knowledge about our cars with the 6 speed in them.
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