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  • I lost some of the bolts a while back and just used some rand bolts to hold them on the fenders that worked fine. if I can't find them I'm sure you can go to home depot and find some bolts but I can do $80 shipped
    That should not be a problem I will have to find the mounting bolts though not sure if you still want the flares if I don't have all the bolts.
    yeah bro. i hardly drive my accord since i got 97 prelude for my daily. maybe that is why you haven't seen me around. hehe
    k, my number is 818-235-7459. btw my name is jeff. Ill just meet you up at the meet. around what time do you usually come?
    im not sure. I think i might have seen you around. what area do you park around? were you there last wednesday where the bimmer got arrested?
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