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  • Hey Joey, what's up? Question for you regarding the C2000's. They need new tires for next year (rubber started splitting since they were worn unevenly on your car), and I'm paranoid about when the installer uses that machine to get the tire onto the rim. I really don't want any marks, scuffs, or dents in these from getting new tires put on them. Does that make sense?

    Where did you take these when you had the Pirelli's put on? Were they careful?
    Thanks for the info. I am going to take your approach and pick up an extra center tail light, and get it painted to match the car.

    Let me know details on the Greddy. Where you got it, if you bought it new/used, how long you've had it or how many miles it has, any damage on it, and pics. You can email me pics at [email protected] if that's easier for you.
    Hey Joey. How have you been? I wanted to ask you where you got your center tail light cover. I searched here and found that people were getting them from Axisaccord. Did you get yours from him? I PM'd him about it...
    How's it going man? Hope you enjoyed Import Alliance.

    What kind of wax did you use on the wheels when you'd stow them for winter? Same wax you use on your car?
    Also, I wash them about every week or so, and I'm seeing a small buildup (1/16" diameter circle) of what looks like rust on the cotter pins (not sure since it's plastic) in areas where they're touching the plastic threaded part...did you ever have that problem?
    Hey Joey what's up? Thanks I'm enjoying the drop, and I got the wheels on. I just need some good weather to take photos in. Unfortunately I won't be at Import Alliance, I don't trust the tires. Plus I am getting a lip kit and exhaust...I'm thinking next year! have fun dude!
    And the chrome gauge rings are here:

    The rings don't need any modification except for a small crimp in the middle of the center ring like we talked about. If you got any questions let me know.

    The bezel that comes with them doesn't have holes big enough to fit over the reset or dimmer controls...not sure why they aren't sized right. I didn't use the bezel though since I didn't have any other brushed aluminum in my interior.
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