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    Your from GA right? I believe that i saw you about a month ago at the Suwanee Walmart.
    Hey Emmanuel, no problem! I am actually running that setup right now for winter. In case you don't know, 2G TL wheels are 17x6.5, and CL-S are 17x7 - they are not the same even though they look very similiar.

    I have the CL-S wheels (5 spoke), and stock tire size that came on those was 215/50/17. If your buddy has 2G TL wheels, 205/50/17 may be right.
    If you're unsure what he has, just look at the back of one of the spokes.
    Hey man sorry for the late reply. I'm traveling a lot this month so that will have to be on hold for now. How about you? Did you get everything done yet? Can't wait to see it.
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