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    Auto to manual harness and ecu swap

    I don't have the pinout, but i do believe it is plug and play
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    How can we get 6thgen more activity?

    I asked the same question about Honduh......
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    (Sort of) DIY Intake

    Congrats on the Mod.
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    OGs post up!

    Nope, I miss it though
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    Will the 6th gen accord go up in value?

    Preludes and s2k's, sure. a mass produced sedan that has no appeal at the moment (culturally speaking) nope
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    Sketch o5's 2017 Toyota 86 6MT

    Too much stock. Needs more JDM decals and fender flares.
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    WTB 6ga merch

    I still have some stickers leftover
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    Boosting questions

    no, just do low boost and DON"T BE STUPID AND EXPECT MUCH FROM AN EBAY KIT
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    DIY Threads

    The only reason why i still get spam mail from photobucket is because of this site. If anyone wants to create/maintain a page for all of the pictures and then keep them up to date for years to come, be our guest. We all had to redo DIY's when the previous thread/pictures/owners left. It...
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    Auto to manual conversion questions.

    master will work on certain ludes and accords. the slave should always match the tranny though. clutch lines are....... clutch lines
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    Auto to manual conversion questions.

    halfshaft = yes axle = I believe i made one fit, but not 100% positive
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    FS: F23 / Hood / Other Goodies

    sold some stuff, bump
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    FS: F23 / Hood / Other Goodies