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  • Hey Ant, thanks for showing up! Hey, please let Carlos know that I'll send the $5. Send me his PayPal if he has one. Or I'll send it to you and you can give it to him.
    lmao hahaha aite cool thas wusup i need some assurance from ppl like u who prolly know alot more then technicians who work at gas stations lol... so it got nothin to do with it? for real for real???
    I got 168 k on the used trans.. the stock went out around 158.. now im havin some problems with this one apparently the mechs are sayin this one is about to go out..mainly because i lowerd my car 2"... i have anothe question while im at it... lowering the car does that have to do anythin with the wearing tearing of the trans (in my case an auto)? apparently some random mech said u can only lower manuals not autos! ??? is that really true especially in my case?
    Hello I have been a memeber for a while but I am new to the site... I was wondering, is it really worth to do a 5 spd swap on a 98 accord sedan? and if so? how much roughly wud it run? I do appreciate your time and concern, here is how the car looks like, ck my car out http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3365597 thanks do appreciate your time :), Maher
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