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  • yeaa bro go for it..autos r a pian in the *** ..i have a auto to my dad wont let me get a stick...but yea go for it repp tht accord lolz
    Whats up bro!! welcome the the official 6thgen community!!! Yes my car is an auto...unfortunately and ive had quite some probs with it but each time ive managed to get it either replaced by honda or just for labor. Im dropped on teins 2''. Glad u like it so far but its actually a lil bit different now but i havent taken any recent pics....got black 18'' on it now and i took off the blacked out taillights cuz got too much probs with the cops...lol....ur car looks clean bro, one step at a time!!
    yes nothing will happen. talk to Juicebox00 (Matt) he is a suspension guru, he knows almost everything for suspension.
    The Mech's that told you lowering your car will mess up your tranny are retarded. the tranny is failing because it probably wasn't rebuilt very well, kind of a problem with our trannys. being lowerd wont affect it in anyway, wouldn't even be able to bottom out and hit it. And if you got a 5spd manual it would be a new world. lol. car will be much more peppy and won't fail unlike the auto trans, just changing the clutch etc normally. And i'm also guessing that your car could use a seafoam job since it's at that many miles.

    btw, if you do change the tranny get an h22 tranny, gears are shorter and you'll be able to get up to speed quicker.

    And feel free to ask me questions whenever you want, lol
    that's all bull****. nothing will happen to tranny just because you lowered the car. a 2" is not even that much. 168k miles is not bad.
    I got 168k on a used trans...its about to go out apparently thas wat the mechanics said... so im still debating shud I jus go by new auto trans mission and call it a day or sell the car.... also another question, lowering a car (in my case 98 accord) does that effect the transmission wear tear? thas wat some of the mechanics said at random gas stations??? and i dont see no connectoin, not that i know a lot about cars or anything..but i need yall help please thanks
    to me it's worth it. i used to have an automatic 6thgen accord. the 5spd is so much better and you have a little bit more because the auto tranny nums the power. how many miles are on your car?
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