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    Ain't nobody got time fo dat!!!

    Roll call!!!
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    R-1 Family and Friends Discount Anyone need any brake or brake components, feel free to use the discount code. Ive ordered from them throughout the years and just wanted to see if anyone else could use the savings. Enjoy.
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    FS: Used 225/40/18 Yokohama Yk520 tires

    henry pick me up and ill go with you. That way we can just take him and you wont have to pay!
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    Raymond Neice Photography

    Always top notch stuff buddie. Congrats on getting to live your passion everyday.
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    Some Flicks. T.G.O.56k

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    Official Random Photo thread

    Andy I really like the one with the " DO NOT ENTER" sign. Can I use that as my album cover?
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    Halloween costumes 2012

    it was done in three days. The paper mache itself took a whole day. I didnt go the route of just buying a plastic orb like other people because it was a last minute decision to dress up for halloween. If i had time i wouldve done the LED mouth, eyes, hooked up the ears and wouldve gotten...
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    Driving Shoes?

    I rock these when i roll in the accord. I rock these mofo's when i roll in the Lexus...why? Cuz Paul Walker wears Chucks.
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    6th Gen Accord Coupe

    I have a white, manual, coupe for sale. Though it has 210K miles and the interior is shot. If your brother is looking for a car that needs a little tlc then i can help him with that.
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    Halloween costumes 2012

    Made it in three days so it wasnt in the best shape. Yet, it is was a big hit at the parties. Plus my dancing skills made the costume come more alive.