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  • Think about it man if u can get it for 253 new im sure 300 would be a fair price for both meaning u can get both for 150 used and in my area i have to drive 1.5 hour to get to one thats y i buy and sell here
    yep...and finally get the chance to rub out some of the haters i have among my so called friends!!!
    Thats crazy coincidence goin on there lol and its all in a days work bud lol after u get all parts we can get down to business and have u up and rollin in no time
    its funny bud...I have already been in contact with him on e-bay. He seems like a nice enough guy, just hes waiting for the snow to Im going to try to push him a little, and add in a few bucks for troubbles, he might go for it...thanks my friend, your the best!
    Ok i askd a fellow 6thgen member to contact u maybe he can help u out he also from canada hs screename is tknightt
    Hey bud,

    Yeah, it turned out ok with the ECU, together we figured out why shipping was so retarded, it wasn't even my fault actually, but he listed it with priority post first, not regular mail. So it cost me dubble of what it would have, but that's it, its under the bridge now.

    The three things i still need is the engine harness, dash board harness (mine is chopped up, and i want it replaced) and the upper intake from a lude. I have a two wire IAC, and i actually lucked out on a cluster from the SiR-T for 50bucks including shipping! I will swap out the gauges, that way i don't have to worry about wiring.
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