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  • Hey bud, I need your assistance with something. I need a pinout diagram for the cluster, both the cluster itself, and the harness. I also need a pin out for a P28 ECU.

    Im trying to trouble shoot a few electricial problems, and I just cant seem to find these diagrams. My speedo, temp gauge and a few other things are not working in the car, that did work before the swap. Im guess that the F20B's original harness may be to blame, but before i go hacking into that, id like to make sure all the color codeings are correct for the cluster.
    thanks for your help bud, i ordered that harness, and it now on its way!...t-knight says hes going to sell me the dashboard harnesses, so if he comes through, i will be getting at the car in a week or so.
    hey bud,
    t-knight wont sell, what wrong is that now he knows its a rare part, he's not willing to let it go for any reasonable price. I can get the engine harness, new from a Honda retailer online for 253 bucks, i offered him 200 for both the engine and dash board harness, and hes still not being reasonable!...so forget him! Any auto recyclers in your area?
    Hey, I'm new to the forum, so I can't reply just yet on your post. I believe I have those sockets you need, since I don't use my Map Light Assembly at all and it's disconnected.
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