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  • What's up Chido. I know this is old, but I'm at a dead end and wondered if you could shed some light on this issue. I know it's old, but it involves the repin method for going from ULEV to Non-ULEV. I did a 5 spd swap and have the ecm from a 99 Non-ulev in my 00 ULEV. I followed your directions for repinning, swapping O2 sensor, and jumping wires/remove relay, but still reading a code 1(primary O2 sensor). Do you have any more info and/or pics to help me out? I cant find any more info on how to fix this and hope u can help. Thanks,it's really appreciated!
    Hey I just wanted to thank you for sending the art to Cody for the t-shirts. Also I like the sig, the blueprint orthographic element is cool.
    oh ****e i just saw your sig comment and that's my favorite part of that movie... Forgetting Sarah Marshall right
    Ha your avitar is so fawkin cool. I go on threads you've posted on just to watch that dudes *** get beat
    Whats up Chido are you located in Maryland . I just want to know if you were the one i meet at mir raceway .I am the one with the black coupe that was racing that day. So if its you whats up if not sorry for the bother. Nice car.
    damn all this time i thought you were in LI for some stupid reason!!!
    but anywho, take a ride down it'll be nice to have a little winter sausage fest lol
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