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    FS: J32 Webb Cams

    Selling my BRAND NEW set of J32 Webb Cams. Comes as pair. Never installed 800 Shipped obo 7062333591
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    small update :D

    Ya rep that v6 accord boi!
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    My New Honda (Remix)

    It was just for fun
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    My New Honda (Remix)

    My Buddy Thinks He Has The Best Honda Evar!
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    Amsoil or Redline Engine Oil

    Well I had wanted amsoil but my mechanic recommended redline so that's what I have
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    BkzTaffeta's 99' Tafetta 4dr UPDATE 12/3/13 PG1

    BkzTaffeta's 99' Tafetta White Sedan UPDATE!!!4/24/10 So low man!!! And I'm jealous of the hid reverses
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    update on my car as of 1/27/11 more teasers

    teaser and more come if you wait and be patient ! It's gonna look good though
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    Snow Sliding

    A55 Sliding Ken gushi is looking for u
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    Missing that vtakk?

    I notice it fine In my j32. And maw when I moved to my 2002 Dakota r/t 5.9L while my accord was down, I didn't miss Vtak at all. All torque bby!
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    TimmieT978's 2004 Acura Tl A-Spec (no 56k)

    It is quite nice man
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    Clog seneloid vtec screen with certain oils!

    CAstrol and Lucas has for me
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    My g/f's new Accord!

    But good car andgreat family
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    My g/f's new Accord!

    Na me and my boss are a tight nit clic. He is a family man. He drives to work to home and to church. Thats it. He drives it very easy.
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    hellasunk accord woohoooo lol

    Love the rims

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