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  • Where in the US? Are you going? How many days is the event?

    *side question* were you driving on fordham on tuesday or wednesday?
    btw are you gonna rebuild your projectors any time soon ....cuz if i do good with my own id be willing to do it for ya for a small saving up to buy some morimoto mini's
    lol thanks alot eggs i saw those a while ago but he wants oem wheels i dont have those besides i got my wheels a while ago too.....but im gonna trade them to sleepycg3 for his tl rims he wants a change and he got stretch tires which i wanted to do ....either way i get rims that i wanted which was tl or tsx rims if u can find me some tl-s rims for cheap lmk
    yea same, my ****ing hood still isnt fixed but should be by tuesday hopefully and getting work done prob tomorrow. friday mite be good like in the afternoon just check on here ill message u when
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