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  • Hey buddy, i have a spare f23 sitting at my house that im looking to build this winter (soon) and i saw you are making around the same hp i want. Can you pm me so we can talk internals and parts? Too much confusion on the forums to decide exactly what parts i need to make 300-350hp on around 10psi of boost with a built motor.

    whats going on, I heard that you had a shop in Dallas, Im in kennesaw, and was looking for somewhere to get a swap done...Think you could help me out?
    i have a 00 accord...jus tryna find ways to add about 50 hp to my f23a motor..tryna avoid a swap
    You've gone a lot of the path that I want to do with by 02 SE sedan with my F23. Your ride thread was recommended to me by someone and I saw your other posts under Eye Candy and I like!
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