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  • Hey man ifk if u saw but im selling a oem baysonr lip for 98-00 coupes and if ur intrested. Its brand new just sitting at my house, id give it to you for $40
    I hear ya. I'm dropped a little over two inches now, was debating another half inch. Roads around here are crap, still might do it come spring. See you around man.
    i thought that would be you. i dont think ive ever seen your car. and ya vespias. and driving low is a pita but when i look at it i dont mind so much
    Ya thats probably me. I work at a shop right at the corner of main and broad. Do u have a black sedan w/ a mugen lip?
    so i have had my coupe for about two months now, maybe a little less. already gettin things done. weather has not been on my side, but thats never stopped my before. still need to tint my damn windows. put on a 00 prelude wing, have springs and struts waiting in the garage with a set of 18s, still not sure if im even gonna put the rims on. might just sell those. smoked the taillights, removed that god awful pinstripe and cut the car, got the type-r grill painted and put on, just finished the DIY blackhoused headlights. so its comin along. ill have pics up hopefully this weekend.
    whats goin on everyone? ive been checkin out your site for a while now and decided to make it official and become a member. i have recently aquired a 99 coupe i4, taffeta white, and the mods have begun. winter months still putting a damper on some but its slowly on its way. lovin the threads, tons of info , not a lot of d- bags, makes for a pretty chillin site to me.
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