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  • i'm pretty sure an admin has to do that for you. i'd pm roy about it, darksideaccord, if he can't do it for you, he can help you more than i can for sure, haha.
    Sweet. Definately want to see how the fitment is......especially with a more aggressive drop.
    Hey Forrest, thanks alot, Brother. Much appreciated. You have any shots with the new wheel setup yet?
    Yeah I would definitely be up for checkin that out. I was always interested in those but never saw one on in person. Where do you live? I was in front of you the other day btw. You were leavin vespias I was at the light n u got behind me. I could stop by your work too if you want. Either way. Let me know. Pm me so it shows up in my email.
    Yeah vespias, they did my alignment. I live right by there kinda. No I don't know who drives that sedan, but I know the one you mean. I have a white lowered coupe with tinted windows n some other stuff. How is it driving round here that low?Is It a *****?
    whats up man? hey i feel like i've seen your car around lansdale a few times. like right around main n broad...that you?
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