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  • hey man,
    hows it going? Nice car. I also have an 01 sedan...v6ex...I was wondering something...I have 17s and stock suspension right now...I rarely hear a rub...but I just bought an Eibach sports suspension kit...the whole thing...and it is supposed to lower up to 2.5 inches, depending on the car applied to. My question is how much lowering is on your car and did you have to do a lip roll to accomodate it. BTW, I have very similar taste in wheels...mine look almost exactly like yours. I will post a pic soon. Thanks for your time.
    Damn!! it's 3.51 a gallon here :naughty:
    random question, have you ever measured your fender to ground? i'm curious lol.
    Hey Victor, would you mind sending me some pics of your car when it had the Prelude wheels?
    I love your headlights I've only seen one other 6thgen pull it off.... Is that film or a rare purchase
    Dude your NSX calipers look hot. I didn't know they had the raised "NSX" insignia on them, that's sweet. I am assuming you painted that part red? More photos!
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