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  • oh nice.. i just started modin my car last year.. decide to start a crew with a couple friends in november of last year. so far we are doing pretty good we are a small crew at the moment we believe in quility not quantity i believe we have 9 members.. just acura, honda and nissan.. we were about 13 deep but we cutt ties with 3 members.. a silvia. a 240 and a colbalt ss.. just was loyal members but you deff should check us out..
    aha small *** world.. he talks about that car every time we hang out.. but ill most deff send you a message to let you know when we meet up again.. are you affiliated to any crews at all?
    your car has yellow high beam? or corners cuz a member of the crew always talks about a black 6gen parked on the corner of ox and farm, maybe its ur car
    sweet good to meet someone new.. with a 6 gen in the same town not many of us i know of one other person not sure if you know her.. shes part of street creationz club.. but most deff ill be hittin you up.. on future mods and tips... and my club meets right around the corner from evergreen.. on oxford st. right down the st from evergreen
    im org from bloomfield/west hartford but i live in hartford now near new britian ave.. i just joined but i already plan on do drastic changes to my car.. ive learn allot so far.. but i was just going on a blind eye lol
    i like ur car very nice and clean.. was it ez to do the side markers? that prob goin to be my next simple mod that and blackhousin
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