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  • Hey man, my name is Steven and i have seen you post tons on here. If you didnt care to answer some helpful questions for me i would appreciate it.
    I have an old motor that i will be tearing down to see why it had terrible compression in one of the cylinders next week. (its been sitting at the shop for over 2 yrs). The one that is installed now is a F23A from japan. The first motor was bored 20 over, so i know if i use that motor i will need 86.5mm pistons. The rods i was looking at using were from RaceEngineering for like 480 bucks. And they even do a package deal for like 980 bucks for the 86.5mm CP pistons. But was wondering doesnt our block or whatever require FRM pistons or do i just use regular forged pistons?Any and all help is appreciated. BTW goal is 400ish Hp with 750cc injectors and running on E-85, should the factory sleeve hold this if i use upgraded rods/pistons and head studs?
    Damn you in mass ? I'm in Georgia . I try to edit the location few months ago but it won't let me . I'm going to boston this summer tho . You been balling eh . So many cars
    Hey mister, Can you check for a good price for the Pspec and Engine mounts please?? Shipped to Portugal, paiment throughout Paypal!

    No, I currently drive a modded 2007 Toyota Camry SE but I'll be getting an 8th gen Accord again soon.
    hey there, lowermycg6 told me to contact you about possibly getting a multiplex control unit for my accord, lemme know if you can help out. thanks man
    oh that sucks i was thinking i could get at least 250 for them. i saw some on ebay for 80 a piece
    hey nikita, how much did you get for your sawblade wheels? im trying to figure out how much i might be able to get for mine
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