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  • I didn't spray very often, went through maybe a bottle every 2 months. I found it a hassle to have to plan ahead when I thought I might want to use it so I could fill up with premium gas.
    im pretty sure the vinyl is wrapped over the mdf. the gray/silver piece is inset so its on a different level than the black. the speakers are flushed with the black. hope that helps you out some.
    hey man...
    yeah those are three JL 10's in my sig...
    have had em for a while now and ive been really happy with the set up.
    i was just looking for a different set up and went to a guy in my city..
    we came up with this. triangle shaped set up in a custom box wrapped in black/grey vinyl..
    Your current suspension setup will determine how the sway bar and endlinks improve your ride. IE stock suspension you are going to notice a big difference but its still not going to be exceptional. With a good aftermarket lowered suspension setup you are going to notice a lot more control. It gives the car a sports car feel is how my friend described it after driving my car.
    just the 3 on my members ride page, ill try to take some more when i get my blue cathodes for the trunk haha. thx
    haha they're not that bright though. the pic was in my garage as you can see, so you're able to see them a little better.
    I wish I had the same style projectors as you though.
    nitrous has been off for a couple years now, but at the time I was running a NX wet kit, 75 shot, on stock internals with no problems.
    sweet you bought a coupe.. prob wont sell just seeing what kind of offers i get.. i was in a accident so im looking for coupe bumper and hood.. and i need a driver side fender and head light
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