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  • Yeah, I can't wait until the nose job is done, b/c her nose is ugly as a mule right now. This is the main reason why I don't post any frontal shot of her lol. ← Have you noticed it?

    I was bored, and editing my ride page (again). And guess what? It's getting into what you call the strange time here in Seattle (again) lol. I better bounce ♪ See ya. :icon_toilet:
    Yeah, I thought about that, but I'll be having it repainted if I get it used, which will be quite a lot of labor involved for paint removal and all... It's mostly the labor that costs a lot, and going that route is pretty much the same price of getting a new bumper to paint. So, mind as well get a brand new one, you know. And I'm sure she'll be happy w/ the new nose for her makeup lol.
    I live under the JPN time-zone haha. I was checking out a price on new front bumper and a lip kit. ~$300 Ouch lol.
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