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  • Same here, im currently looking for a new job since I hate my current one.
    This month sucks.
    the last time i adjusted was a little over half a year ago. the front's were fine i think. the backs.. i sprayed with wd40 and took a little hammering but it eventually got loose. but it looks pretty dirty right now. but the fronts should be fine. lemme know when you got the time man. it would help a lot. thanks dude. prob keep in touch on facebook.
    Yo john.. do you know if there's any drawbacks to removing one of the adjustable collars on my tein SS in the fronts so i can go a little lower?
    Oh. I'll double check with Goudy Honda in Alhambra. Thanks. Do you know if there's another meet in the area coming up?
    Hmm, I'll check out the dealership then. If I can get 5W-20 for under $4/quart then I'll get it. But if not, I'll just stick with Valvoline.
    Maybe I'll check my dealer to see how much they charge for genuine Honda Motor Oil. That stuff is also good right?
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