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  • Hopefully i can go out to CAM. i was talking with Ralph at the SD meet and it sounds legit
    Thanks. Wish I could of gotten yours but didn't have the funds at the moment. But if its worth anything u solved my problem on what exhaust to get lol
    Yo, can you send me some pics f your car when you were rising on tein ss. How was the drop and ride
    ooooh werd thats sick yo. congratz on your grad. naw i graduated in may. working at a restaurant in laguna beach now. damn, i think its bout time we kick it again, no? hit up jack and **** and just chill like old times.
    Was on v6p just now and saw someone selling a used Apexi World Sport dual for 6th gen v6 models for only 199 plus shipping... only issues are little mods to fit a cl-s and some small hole that he said can be fixed... shoot. haha. I'm still looking for better wheels. you know anyone selling? looking for 18x9
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