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  • Hey man, expect to spend about ~$3,000 for it and no, I wouldn't recommend boosting an auto tranny by any means. Even MT with stock clutch is bad because the turbo power will eat right through the OEM clutches, so that's another ~$450 is you do it yourself, if not then can get upwards of ~$1,000 to get it done with your performance clutch if you give it to the shop. Hope that helps.

    - Nikita
    it feels a little better, my lights don't dim out when i roll down my windows anymore, but other than that idk? i haven't done any other tests on it. the onli reason i replaced mine was because i use to have 2 12's pushing out 2000 watts each, and it messed it up
    thanks man, yeah the color is dope, i saw it on the newer BMW M3s and got inspired, you got any pictures of your car?
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